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Investment Approach

Investment Approach

At Toshikatsu Group, we take a highly focused and tailored approach to meet the specific needs and expectations of financial planners, to help you grow your wealth and realize your aspirations.

Our national network of intermediary dealing desks delivers market-leading research, portfolio management including reporting, model portfolios and portfolio review services to financial planners.

Our approach


Our approach at Toshikatsu Group is simple:


Personalized Service - We go above and beyond to help each and every one of our clients succeed in their personal financial plan.


Holistic Planning - We look to encompass every aspect of our client's life when helping them formulate a plan for their finances.  We do not want to provide clients with only bits and pieces of their finances; we want to provide clients with a holistic view.


Disciplined Investing - Toshikatsu Group focuses on 'Disciplined Investing in an Undisciplined World' to keep all of our clients on track with their plans.  Today's world can be a chaotic place where it is easy to act on impulses, but we will attempt to help keep you from making undisciplined choices. 


Rebalance & Monitor - Toshikatsu Group monitors our clients' portfolios and periodically rebalances each back to the clients target portfolio in an attempt to optimize returns given their intended level of risk.  To keep costs low, we only rebalance when necessary.



Toshikatsu Group model portfolios - An easier Way to invest


Investing in a Toshikatsu Group model portfolio through a separately managed account combines the benefits of direct equity investing with the advantages of a professionally managed portfolio. It's a more cost effective, tax efficient, transparent and flexible way of investing.


Key benefits

A competitive edge for your business

You receive access to Toshikatsu Group’s research and investment ideas through our investment portfolios: Growth Portfolio and Income Portfolio.


The Growth Portfolio aims to provide investors with additional capital growth by investing in shares that we believe have the potential to deliver superior returns over the medium to long term. The Growth Portfolio has the following characteristics:


  • Investment objective - Outperform the market index over the medium to long-term.
  • Investment strategy - A concentrated portfolio of equities expected to provide superior capital growth. The portfolio targets low annual turnover as we have high conviction in the performance of the companies we invest in.
  • Number of shares - Around 15 - 25 stocks


The Income Portfolio

Risk management - Our strict investment process means we become your quality control for the stocks you’re investing in.


A cost effective solution - By lifting the administrative burden we save you time and money, helping you focus on what’s important - your clients and your business. You will also find the Management Expense Ratio (MER) of our portfolios competitive.


A more effective structure - Investors retain beneficial ownership of their equities and receive all dividends paid and the associated franking credits.


Transparency - You know exactly which equities your clients have invested in, which can help you manage their tax position.


How to invest - The Toshikatsu Group model portfolios are available on various separately managed account platforms offered by different providers.