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Why Us

Welcome to Toshikatsu Group

Toshikatsu Group is the pre-eminent private wealth management company in Tokyo.

Building on our specialist investment and advisory expertise, we deliver enhanced wealth management solutions that are unmatched in the market.

Toshikatsu Group is here to make your life’s dreams a reality. We offer to our private and institutional clients a wide range of advisory services in wealth management, financial products, and specialized areas.

Toshikatsu Group it’s an independent family business and it is run by seven Partners. Since they are both owners and managing directors, the success of their business is as important to them as it is to their clients. Because they are not subject to shareholder pressure, or to the constraints of operating in a large group with the inherent conflicts of interest, the Partners are also able to maintain a long-term focus and to develop a relationship based on mutual trust with their clients.

At a time when the ability to adapt is more vital than ever, the Firm is able to meet the challenges of tomorrow by drawing on the wealth and diversity of talent within the company and creating new financial solutions to meet both its clients’ needs and the demands of the age we live in.

Family business

An independent family business shares the values that guide all family entrepreneurs wishing to pass their company on to future generations: responsibility, long-term commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. That is the reason why we are deeply involved in encouraging skill-sharing and promoting family businesses.

Toshikatsu Group has long supported research in the family business field by facilitating the publication of works written by top international experts.

As Toshikatsu Group looks to the future and places a considerable emphasis on training and on promoting excellence, it is actively involved in awarding prizes that honor family businesses that have successfully blended entrepreneurial efficiency and family interests.


Why Toshikatsu Group?

Toshikatsu Group understands the needs of the sophisticated investor. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior ongoing advice and bespoke investment solutions to you at every stage of your financial journey.

By choosing Toshikatsu Group for your private wealth management, you will be partnering with an organization that:

  • Puts your interests first – a consultative approach which aims to foster transparency and trust, including the ability to scope out our engagement, develop key deliverables and discuss our fee for service
  • Has a team approach to understanding your needs – including the ability to work with your existing professional advisors, tailor solutions to match your objectives and provide ongoing investment advice and regular reviews to meet changes in markets, legislation and your circumstances
  • Delivers disciplined management and highly customized investment portfolios – our strategic financial planning and investment advice service will focus on protecting and growing your wealth, covering asset allocation and investment portfolios, portfolio support and administration, model portfolios and research and international investment solutions.
  • When you become a client of Toshikatsu Group, you will benefit from a team approach to managing your financial affairs. We focus on maintaining small client numbers for each investment team to help deliver the best service and foster a long term relationship. You’ll also have access to Toshikatsu Group’s infrastructure and connectivity to bring you the global reach and the domestic expertise in one point of contact.